Joining 2b2t France was a MISTAKE...


Today we attempt to survive the youngest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t France. Will we survive? Or will the server's community drive us out?
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Fuze III:
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    @FTMC at the spawn we have a village !!!

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    @Rene Clark awesome! It took like 15 minutes but it worked!

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    Minecraft's oldest anarchy Minecraft server in Minecraft. This Minecraft anarchy server is the oldest server, being a server since 2010 when Minecraft was a game with a server. It is complete anarchy in Minecraft which means that there is total anarchy. Hacking is allowed in Minecraft on this anarchy server which is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t. Hack. Steal. Cheat. Lie. On the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. 2b2t. The worst server in Minecraft, where there are no rules. On the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. In this Minecraft anarchy server, there have been numerous Minecraft incursions on the server, some of which I, a player on this Minecraft anarchy server in Minecraft, have participated in. One of this server's most infamous Minecraft players on the oldest Minecraft anarchy server known as 2b2t goes by the name of popbob in Minecraft on the oldest anarchy server called 2b2t. The owner of the server (the oldest Minecraft anarchy server in Minecraft) is called Hausemaster and because of the anarchic nature of this Minecraft server, doesn't take action on the server in Minecraft unless it is necessary as the server is the oldest anarchy Minecraft server.

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    2b2t France is a alternate reality of 2b2t

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    1:11 I understood that reference xD

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    Fit we fought with glitched helmet gives him the helmet that could have ended bad

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    9:35 you should have said "assieds-toi" (assiey twa) join the baguettes

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    Lé frenkh boom

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    Next Video: 2b2t Brazil

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    "Thanks, comrade." -Communist FitMC, 2021

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    2b2t Germany, Italy and Japan: *Are We A Joke Too You?*

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    server of fuzeIII ( im french :) )

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    What's the server address?

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    U gotta make more videos about 2b2t baguette edition

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    I bet the swords will be baguettes 🥖

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    Oh non putain, ça existe ça?

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    The person who kept operator status has a SAO skin. So he’s a pissed of nerd with admin privileges.

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    Please don't do the promotion of this douche... He clearly doesn't de serve all this.

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    @crème chantilly man ok crème chantilly man.

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    Ok arthur

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    Viva la resistance!!

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    Dude at 7:02 the person has a asuna skin from sao

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    1:13 disgrace you pronounced it wrong

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    make an anarchy server in 1.16 and put 100 mods and the best shader pack now you get an exploded pc

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    me: how to do those stuff? me: *use infinity item editor 1.12.2 mod*

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    French revolution lets go lets throw the palace out

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    French 2B2T: 2Surrender2Germany

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    you can drain a ocean with sponch is its possible

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    Talks about tbt2 is a anarchy server me on bed rock 🙃

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    France love u Fit !

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    i only saw "france was a MISTAKE" and i still agreed

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    Nobody: Dream: 8:55

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    i am gonna make a totaly 3rd 2b2t but without hacx(hacks) in my 1st legendary minecraft series in 2032 (bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

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    What is the ip?

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    Is there 2b2t israel?

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    6:36 : Assied-toi is better not s'assoie :)

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    FitMC Fitlex yt Odds anyone?

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    9:35 in what language was he trying to say that,,?

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    I found the French flag it's white

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    We aren't that terrible

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    might i ask you, why they hate you?

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    @crème chantilly man Ah

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    @Juan Diego Casas Cueto because 2b2t player where in war against french player

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    Are you somekind of player from 2b2t history that we dont know And for that reason they all hate you?

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    Like, they literally blocked the whole spawn with barriers, only for you

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    Love your videos man.

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    le bagget

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    la guillotine

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    yeah the frech love to chop heads

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    Alala, cette dédicace à Fuse ça fait toujours plaisir 😎

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    When Minecraft starts speaking french

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    Did you just started a incursion ?

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    Those guys that give Fit an armour are Men of culture, they even named chestplate "OPPAI"

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    HI FitMC yeah you totally right for explaining quickly what happen. there a player that got op by fuze but his brother give op to another friend of him and and given to other players and in the first video about 2b2france Fuze managed to remove all people that was oped in the server but... someone hide a command block for being op and all is going wrong after all its a anarchy server but people are not supposed to have barrier block

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    Join 2b2t Turkey

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    🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 belle mentalité des FR 😂

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    why on earth is brickzebra here

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    Imagine Being Back Doored By Asuna from SAO

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    Viva La 2b2t?

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    *I. l o v e. o n I o n. f r i e d. i n. o i l.*

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    You should play on the pokertedition one

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    france was a mistake

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    Man the french revolution refrences are non-stop

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    To the guliton

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    This makes 2b2t seem like some type of war

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    This video just hit 1,000,000 views! This video has exactly 999,792 views!

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    You should check out 2b2t bedrock edition

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    FitMC: *joins a french 2b2t server* The french 2b2t server: *Hon Hon Hon*

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    you sound like the Postal dude settled down and became a mild mannered youtuber

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    little tips in french, "Sit down" is "assis toi" not "s'asseoie"

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    they'll all surrender as soon as the 2b2t players step in

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    I didn’t know that you could even think you could be like Marie Antoinette

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    “Fit you’ve already researched 2b2t Japan, why France now?” Fit: Well, because I need content. So SHUT UP and come along for the ride...

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    My whole life was a mistake lol

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    Fit: Joins Fench Server Everyone in the Server: ASSEMBLE

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    "I never thought clout would be a survival skill" is the best quote ever.

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    Yup lol

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    I’m quite surprised the most powerful group in the French version of the server is actively trying to keep the peace and establish unspoken rules. I was expecting the French version to be a cesspool

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    The fact that there was a person as Light, Asuna, and Meliodas really tells you something.

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    all i heard was dogshit 2b2t

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    When he said "GILL-O-TEEN" I felt that 👌

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    Je crois qu’il a essayé de dire “s’assoie” but it means “sits down” and not “sit down”. A better word is “Asseyez-vous” which means “You, sit down” (with either a plural “you” or a “You” that shows respect (yes they are both the exact same word))

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    Surrender edition

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    0:03 the oldest anarchy server in minecraft

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    No he just have a good gaming chair

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