How 2b2t's "Immortality Machine" was Made


Today we uncover how immortality was accidentally discovered on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and why achieving it came at a cost.
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    Mom: *walks over* mom: uhhh what are you watching? Me: history / documentary Mom: That looks like minecraft Me: yeah exactly its ancient history / documentary about minecraft

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    They just made the exact opposite of gunpowder, lol

  • Pedro Jesus Carrasco Villa
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    Guys, be careful, you are not immortal in the very top of the rollercoaster

  • Abood
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    Sigh Immortality means YOU cannot die, but Invincibility/Invulnerability means you can die but of natural causes but since people who use this machine have food they’re AOK

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    immortal realm achived

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    Your voice does match tha voice of songs of war

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    Fitmc: you might be thinking how can a mashine be used to make you immortall Also fitmc: LeTs DiG iNtO tHe HiStOrY oF hOw It WaS mAdE

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    The use of the Final Fantasy X music is mmmmmm

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    Redstone is the most powerful weapon in Minecraft change my mind

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    Red stone engineering in Minecraft is like how I treat LSD

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    Fun fact: they won’t even get hurt from /kill since /kill just slaps your hitbox

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    Good job on blurning that totem :p

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    Welcome back to a grown man talking about immortality on a Minecraft server

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    Everyone gangsta until 2b2t discovers faster than light travel

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    This is so poetic

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    to the guy in the top right corner good job 7:41

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    It’ll be funny if he just said the way they got immortality is clicking the respawn button

  • Jurassicing 64
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    What the creators of the machine herd after they finished building it Prepare. For unforseen .Consequnces

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    Let’s build it in real life!

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    These guys built zaphkiel from date a live into Minecraft xD

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    This feels like some National Geographic at 2 am kinda stuff

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    the admin: finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary after a few seconds admin: all that, only for a few seconds of inmortality?... pathetic admin: your inmortality it's only temporal, but mines builds forever, *YOU'RE STARTING TO BORING ME* * proceed to ban *

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    When the apocalypse cult builds a doomsday device to stop time, but it accidentally causes them to transcend the material plane

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    3:38 Shoulda gone with "The Elytra Magnetic Pulse" smh xD

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    Not that I believe my opinion really matters to you but you seem kind of pretentious

  • Asher VanTassell
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    Some call 2b2t chaos, i call it beautiful

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    9:00 the Hausemaster totem of undying

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    7:37 Lok there is a fk u sign made of cobblestone

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    2100 year people making nukeliar wepons far immortality

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    best offense is a good defense

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    They literraly invented a machine that turns them in creative mode except they couldn't fly

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    I also have an immortality machine: The respawn button.

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    Wow this guy is good at 2b2t history/info... he should play 2b2t

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    Just keep waiting and you’ll see a dumb frixk

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    7:39 "f#&k u" did u see the blocks?? That said it

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    Nobody: The thumbnail:steve monk

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    Oldest anarchy server in Minecraft you say?

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    what is 2b2t's ip

  • Dude on the internet
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    This is kind of like the opposite of how gunpowder was created, in the sense that it was made as a weapon and it created immortality, and gunpowder was made for immortality but it became a weapon.

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    "In the most unlikely place" Why do i find it the most likely place

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    Dio Brando approves of this

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    3mins of bullshit

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    Jesus Christo, Mi hijo.

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    It like enclave first one power secound one remmnants and we wait for last one.

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    Holy cow they literally made the Ultimate Weapon from Pokemon X/Y

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    The divinity machine

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    ant vanom contributed to this?

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    I have a right to video I am scribe to your channel

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    Is no one talking about how fit leaked his card info and adress

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    It should have been called the Elytra Magnetic Pulse machine

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    2b2t is feeling more and more like one of those advanced civilizations that disappear before the story begins in a fantasy setting

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    Now I wanna play FF10.

  • Catassassin496
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    The reason why it didn’t give immortality was probably because you have to be in the same chunk as much of it to work, and the second one was horizontal.

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    Why is the monster girl blurred

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    hardcore players be like 😏

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    Minecraft death star Minecraft death star

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    2b2t is just pure chaos

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    The secret to immortality: /gamemode creative

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    2b2t youtube channel right here

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    "You can't, I basically made you god" House master: "Well that sucks, watch this"

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    The builders:I have become a god

  • Apollo The Wolf
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    I said it before and I'll say it again; 2b2t isn't an anarchy server, it's a dictatorship server

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    Wait Ant?

  • Kekse Fresser
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    T2B2 discoveres immortality by accident *GHANDI WANTS TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION*

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    can someone explain em the girl in the left corner at 6:25?

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    The sever admin is a scammer and lazy as f, the machine was part of a demonstration.

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    The sheer amount of FFX music in here makes me happy.

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    2b2t is my favourite anime

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    This kinda reminds me of the devil's engine book's.

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    Everybody gangsta till they pull this up irl

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    Superhero origins be like:

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    8:52 ZA WARUDO

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    Thats radiation

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    Antvenom was one of them

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    actually legendary

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    7:35 u forgot to blur something lmao

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    The oldest anarchy server in minecraft

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    This weapon is as ominous as the one from the Prestige

  • Sir Yes
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    “T H E O L D E S T A N A R C H Y S E R V E R I N M I N E C R A F T” Just say it right, it’s called 2b2t

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    it's year 42069 we found a time machine and warn you about immortality discovered while we try to attempt to create alpha version of server

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    i thought it was going to be NordVPN ;-;

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    or express vpn

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    The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft

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    Ah yes rob stew

  • TokyoKunMC
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    Hey fit I've been experimenting on this build in a solo world. And managed to be invisible though hit boxes were still there. I haven't tried on java though since the build was done on 2b2t though since there are plugins and stuff I wanted someone to try it for me. On a regular solo survival world. Since I had experiment on it on bedrock. The results were surprising but since Redstone in java is different on bedrock than it would take a long time to get it to work.

  • Liam McCracken
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    Imagine someone doing this on your world

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    Seeing AntVenom there was a surprise lol

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    Should 2020 be called 2bt2 like or reply to agree

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    be honest you clicked this video because of the thumbnail

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    “The most unlikely place...” Bro this is the most unlikely to NOT discover it

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    how time was stopped on 2b2t

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    When u realize one server made minecraft in its server ANYTHING POSSIBLE

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    Ahaha that moment a Redstone machine can be called *EMP* is legendary

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    It’s like the Chinese accidentally making gun powder but it’s flipped

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    This is like the equivalent of the death star in Minecraft

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    "No rules" they said "No moral norms" they said

  • FreshMorphleMemes Official
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    Minecraft 1.12.2?

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    Waited to upload this so we can’t have the fun with that red stone machine? Lameeeeeeeee