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The Darkest Week on 2b2t

The Darkest Week on 2b2t


  • prince naijel G. joung
    prince naijel G. joungPirms 10 Stundām

    Its a glitch to make its to be there it will still go at least 0 to 6564u647566 100 696768666 tp is the farlands to get in to the end portal

  • Wide Putin ?
    Wide Putin ?Pirms 10 Stundām


  • Kate Kat
    Kate KatPirms 10 Stundām

    holy shit

  • Shiny Bauble
    Shiny BaublePirms 10 Stundām

    I hate that so much bro

  • JankyKorners
    JankyKornersPirms 10 Stundām


  • Just Another Hot Guy with a Mustache
    Just Another Hot Guy with a MustachePirms 10 Stundām

    2b2t is game of thrones done bettet

  • ItsVexter
    ItsVexterPirms 10 Stundām

    Fit you have changed my mind of buying a PC now I know that I WILL buy one with out doubt I will join 2b2t to understand and try to see if I can find something that will hopefully find your interest

  • Byte of Gaming
    Byte of GamingPirms 10 Stundām

    2b2t has officially become a feudal society.

  • Hades
    HadesPirms 10 Stundām

    thats not a dark secret, youre just wasting our time.

  • Johnny_ Vindy
    Johnny_ VindyPirms 10 Stundām


  • Alvaro Kim
    Alvaro KimPirms 10 Stundām


  • Avik Grover
    Avik GroverPirms 10 Stundām


  • Danish Adnan
    Danish AdnanPirms 10 Stundām

    5:30 FitMC: there we go! with the saddle, the entity speed hacks and *entity jesus hacks* the rest of the journey will be more pleasant

  • Aaron Jacob mercado
    Aaron Jacob mercadoPirms 10 Stundām

    Hause becase if this keeo going this will break the server and unplay uble

  • pp ligma
    pp ligmaPirms 10 Stundām

    aoahaoh oawoowooowwoooo

  • KeanPlaysGames
    KeanPlaysGamesPirms 10 Stundām

    Why would WOO2 get angry when it's actually his fault

  • Alpha47
    Alpha47Pirms 10 Stundām

    wait..... i think i climbed up to this place (the obsidian ship) when i was escaping spawn for the first time some months ago omg

  • nathan Rivadulla
    nathan RivadullaPirms 10 Stundām

    How are you walking in mid air

  • KindaDutchGaming :o
    KindaDutchGaming :oPirms 10 Stundām

    It's pronounced: "oh-woh" not "ow-woo".

  • - Colfy -
    - Colfy -Pirms 10 Stundām

    only 7 days??? geez what legends.. it would take me 3 days to even finish a small cabin house in minecraft..

  • Bubba nub
    Bubba nubPirms 10 Stundām

    Why he say it like “uhwoo”

  • TheHaveRice
    TheHaveRicePirms 10 Stundām


  • Raptor Zeraora
    Raptor ZeraoraPirms 10 Stundām

    3:19 can someone give me the link to this photo if there is one

  • FlorizDev
    FlorizDevPirms 10 Stundām

    I'm just wondering how they got the enderchests.

  • PotatoOiix
    PotatoOiixPirms 10 Stundām

    Yeah OwU

  • Bari Ngozi
    Bari NgoziPirms 10 Stundām

    I think this is pronounced "Oh-Woe"

  • A.T
    A.TPirms 10 Stundām

    The first grass

  • Jubel
    JubelPirms 10 Stundām

    Man just imagine a normal Minecraft new player just join the server that day,can't imagine their pain lol.

  • IForgotMyUsername YT
    IForgotMyUsername YTPirms 10 Stundām

    Do not give us votes Jesus Christ never give us the vote please Mojang just decide yourself

  • Cody York
    Cody YorkPirms 10 Stundām

    figures its built next to a statue of the marker from dead space, something that makes people go insane and/or perish

  • AlxLight
    AlxLightPirms 10 Stundām


  • reynaldo montanez
    reynaldo montanezPirms 10 Stundām

    why OwO if i were them i made it UwU

  • IForgotMyUsername YT
    IForgotMyUsername YTPirms 10 Stundām

    Who ever votes in these polls are so goddamn stupid

  • Mark grøndal
    Mark grøndalPirms 10 Stundām

    did you guys know that 2b2t is the oldest anarchy server in minecraft?

  • Niko Cob
    Niko CobPirms 10 Stundām

    That's amazing

  • Supachai Somwong
    Supachai SomwongPirms 10 Stundām


  • Rading Galant
    Rading GalantPirms 10 Stundām

    Goats are cute man

  • Homeslice
    HomeslicePirms 10 Stundām

    i kinda still wish it said woo lmao

  • your best friend in shooters
    your best friend in shootersPirms 10 Stundām


  • Andrew Nicholas
    Andrew NicholasPirms 10 Stundām

    I like how, dispute the anarchy, people allways tell the true in sign time

  • TheReal Regio82
    TheReal Regio82Pirms 10 Stundām

    Imagine MrBeast Comments On This Video

  • Otto Hermann Feltan
    Otto Hermann FeltanPirms 10 Stundām

    Because god has abandoned us

  • Davin And Oliver
    Davin And OliverPirms 10 Stundām


  • MrBeast Gaming
    MrBeast GamingPirms 10 Stundām

    There's always a way to grief

  • Valliant Khallil D. Dumilao
    Valliant Khallil D. DumilaoPirms 10 Stundām


  • duchess the neko
    duchess the nekoPirms 10 Stundām

    ok i know i dont play on 2bt2 but... what if someone made a part of the map.... dark and BLOCKED OUT THE SUN A GIANT AREA TO BLOCK OUT THE SUN

  • Jabber
    JabberPirms 10 Stundām

    Here is my recreation of a description of the events in the eyes of a newbie: I had just joined the server, when I was noticed by someone named Beast_Machine. He enlisted me to his obsidian factory, where I mined for hours on end. He said he was making a giant OWO in the sky, which I thought was funny, so I mined faster than ever before. He was impressed and promoted me to be a guard, and I fought off a griefer in one of the greatest battles of my life. The construction went along smoothly after that, and I felt a sense of accomplishment knowing I helped to make the largest man-made obsidian structure in the world. And to think this all started as soon as I joined the server! The 24 hour wait was definitely worth it! This is only a recreation, but I think it's accurate. :D

  • 山賊信者
    山賊信者Pirms 10 Stundām

    uwu OWO

  • Mike Doorn
    Mike DoornPirms 10 Stundām

    witf hack du you yuse?

  • no
    noPirms 10 Stundām

    That's a beautiful beard

  • MyName
    MyNamePirms 10 Stundām

    i can picture dream smp with this server, LOL and also I've been binge watching 2b2t on this channel LOL

  • Wells Simmons
    Wells SimmonsPirms 10 Stundām

    I’m stuck in 1.16 so I can’t use the cave update

  • Hayden H
    Hayden HPirms 10 Stundām

    “A giant Oweu has been constructed on the Oldest anarchy server” A sentence I thought I would never hear or say🤣

  • Domojar
    DomojarPirms 10 Stundām

    "oh yeah those symbols are pretty large must have-" *zooms out* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Cryraptor the great
    Cryraptor the greatPirms 10 Stundām

    5:32 is did fitmc just photoshop mr. Beast holding popbob?

  • ein kevin
    ein kevinPirms 10 Stundām

    i actually started to hunt griefers and i trap them in a bedrock prison a prisoners was not online for 21 days haha i think he is mad

    DEMONYTPirms 10 Stundām

    You should do one on 5b5t

  • Karen Wild
    Karen WildPirms 10 Stundām

    U should of. Used a a text to speech

  • Wut Hmone
    Wut HmonePirms 10 Stundām


    MLGADAM06 GAMINGPirms 10 Stundām

    I still dont understand how they get so much obsidian? CAN Someone explain please.

  • Ida Dood
    Ida DoodPirms 10 Stundām

    You probably wouldnt need a stack of end crystals to take down the entire playerbase of the Dream SMP

  • PainPeko
    PainPekoPirms 10 Stundām


  • Bryne Loteria
    Bryne LoteriaPirms 10 Stundām


  • Anos Voldigoad
    Anos VoldigoadPirms 10 Stundām

    the orginization its a egrils or wholesome orginization

  • Domen Hočevar
    Domen HočevarPirms 10 Stundām

    can you still teleport yusing this method?

  • Thirdy Candareシ
    Thirdy CandareシPirms 10 Stundām

    i think syri's name is pronounced siri but can you escape queue using an exploit? can you answer this question

  • Laser Panda
    Laser PandaPirms 10 Stundām

    and on the 7th day, the watchmen rested and looked at what they has made, and saw that it was good

  • xXIts_TylerXx
    xXIts_TylerXxPirms 11 Stundām


  • relax men
    relax menPirms 11 Stundām

    I played with 2b2t in 2011

  • RenArlos
    RenArlosPirms 11 Stundām

    this happened to me, they changed the username and password got me banned on hypixel for 28 days but the ban was revoked and shortened to 3 days (i got my account back now 😀)

  • relax men
    relax menPirms 11 Stundām

    There the legends and the oldest players on Minecraft that was 10 years later

  • MyName
    MyNamePirms 11 Stundām

    this server is an Apocalypse simulation

  • Sea Popcorn
    Sea PopcornPirms 11 Stundām

    I hate u

  • Krypticlyy
    KrypticlyyPirms 11 Stundām

    6:48....thats my skin

  • Rysea
    RyseaPirms 11 Stundām

    owo whats this?

  • SandwichGuy
    SandwichGuyPirms 11 Stundām

    2020: the history of 2b2t and its greatness 2021: why is there a giant OWO in 2b2t?

  • Joshua Cornier
    Joshua CornierPirms 11 Stundām

    I’m watching this on a Tuesday morning ;-;

  • Fares Animations hand of hell
    Fares Animations hand of hellPirms 11 Stundām


    DESPACITOPirms 11 Stundām

    It’s simple really. It did whats called a pro gamer move Edit: no edit. But. *E*